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Good for water dispensing or shochu serving purpose.

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Water Keeper series is SOA Ceramics’ Miraku Gama dinner-ware category in which it has distinctive design function as water dispenser or shochu server. It is a type of high quality dinner-ware products.

With design and technology being born in Japan, Water Keeper series also utilize high quality material from Japan as the commitment of manufacturer towards food safety and user health as their upmost importance.

Stringent test standards and procedures are always conducted before product can be launched into the market.

Any harmful substance towards human or environment is strictly prohibited in the process of making the product, therefore user can prepare meal without worry.

Your healthy life begins with water!💧💧

Our water keeper do not use any harmful material, it is completely safe to use as storage for water. Also, it able to release far-infrared ray that is good for human health, long-term drinking is good for health.

➡️ Two sizes available: small size (2.8 litre) and big size (7.8 litre)
➡️ Small water keeper can use as liquor serving purpose (also known as shochu server)
➡️ Far-infrared is more efficient when store warm water

‼️What is Far-infrared (FIR) 
Far-infrared is commonly known as the “Light of Life”. It can produce the most effective resonance in the water molecules of an organism, and it has significant resonance, osmotic and thermal effects.

➡️Health benefit of Far-infrared:
Improve blood circulation
Improve joint pain
Regulatory autonomic nerve
Skin care beauty
Improve the circulatory system
Activate biomolecule activity
Enhance metabolism
Improve immune function
Anti-inflammatory effect

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