IH-Tajine Pot Kitchenware Hana Black

IH-Tajine Pot series kitchenware for cooking purpose.

Size Reference

Size S = 0.4 Litre , Diameter 23.5cm
Size L = 1.3 Litre , Diameter 29.3cm

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IH-Tajine* Pot kitchenware series is SOA Ceramics’ IH-Dura Ceram category in which it has distinctive design outlook that comes in cone or dome shape with purpose of conserving heat energy in the pot for longer period.¬† It is a type of high quality kitchenware products. On top of the unique characteristics which derived from Tajine series, IH-Tajine is specific product that equipped with compatibility to Induction Heating (IH)*.

With design and technology being born in Japan, Tajine Pot series also utilize high quality material from Japan as the commitment of manufacturer towards food safety and user health as their upmost importance.

Stringent test standards and procedures are always conducted before product can be launched into the market.

Any harmful substance towards human or environment is strictly prohibited in the process of making the product, therefore user can prepare meal without worry.

Fireproof high quality kitchenware for cooking purposes and heat can be better conserved to reduce energy for re-heating purpose.

Treated product surface to ensure food stain after usage can be easily washed off.

Better food taste with high-quality Japanese material, best used for soup and similar cooking.


*What is Tajine?

The term ‘Tajine’ is originally a term in Morroco Arabic which means ‘shallow earthen pot’. The symbol of Tajine design is specifically with its cover that comes in cone or dome shape. The earliest use of such design kitchenware dates back to ninth century in Middle East and North Africa, it is traditionally cooked over hot charcoal leaving an adequate space between the coals and the tajine pot to avoid having the temperature rise too quickly.¬†Large bricks of charcoal are used, specifically for their ability to stay hot for hours. Other methods are to use a tajine in a slow oven or on a gas or electric stove top, on the lowest heat necessary to keep the stew simmering gently. SOA’s Tajine Pot kitchenware series is based on the symbolic cover design with the objective to keep heat within the product. It allow dish to stay hot for longer period.


*What is Induction Heating (IH)?

Induction Heating (IH) is a type of cooking method by using induction cooker that cook food by using electromagnets to heat the pots. Traditionally, heat is being applied to the body of the pot, e.g. by fire from gas stove. This way, cooker are more energy-efficient, as no heat is lost between the cooking surface and the pot, providing fast response time and temperature control. As an added benefit, because these cookers do not get hot, they reduce the risk of kitchen burns. In the past, induction cooker only work with ferromagnetic material and not with aluminum or ceramic cooking vessels. With SOA’s technology, IH-Tajine Pot kitchenware series is a type that allow user to cook by using Induction Heating method.

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